Royal Security Solutions Ltd wins security contract for Holiday Inn Resort

RSS Phuket Security personnel at Holiday Inn Phuket

Royal Security Solutions Ltd wins security contract to provide security access control and safety systems for Holiday Inn Resort, Phuket.

Holiday Inn Resort Phuket is part of the world’s most recognized upper mid-scale brands.

Securing your hotel’s facilities requires a wide variety of protection including access control, vehicle security, key management, video surveillance, and building identification and accessibility.

Keeping your guests and employees safe is one of the most important and challenging tasks that a hotel manager and ownership must accomplish. Establishing a reputation for a safe and secure property is vital for growth and brand strength. The hospitality industry is demanding, and in some positions, it’s a wise choice to outsource – for a variety of reasons. Before you begin making the choice to outsource a vital resource like security isn’t something you do spontaneously. Be sure to take certain steps before you outsource. A few questions to get you started include:

Why are you outsourcing?
How will this affect your operation?
What are the company’s policies about outsourcing?
How will the outsourced personnel fit into your overall operation?
What are the tasks you want outsourced security guards to complete?

The advantages of outsourcing professional security guards that have been hired from a security firm like Royal Security Solutions Ltd will have a higher level of formal training and experience. In addition, we have our very own onsite government regulated training center and they are taught a variety of other useful skills, like how to interact with guests, personal appearance and self-discipline.

RSS Phuket Security personnel at Holiday Inn Phuket

Outsourced security guards have access to equipment, technology, and support that’s supplied by their company. When you outsource your hotel security guard responsibilities, you don’t have to worry about payment schedules, employee benefits, and payroll taxes. There’s also no need for onboarding and additional training. Not only does this save money and time for your administrative team, outsourced personnel can hit the ground running the moment they clock in for work.

Liability in many cases, security companies will provide liability insurance for their employees, and while necessary, it can have a major impact on your bottom line. Avoiding that primary cost represents huge savings, along with the time saved for processing insurance claims. Think of it as one less task taking up the time of your human resources department. Suppose one of your employees is underperforming, you’ll have to take multiple steps to either correct the problem or terminate. However, when you’re working with a security contractor, a simple phone call and discussion will solve the problem. There’s no termination process to complete, severance pay, or documentation to handle.

Working with us is simple, one phone call and you can schedule a meeting with a client representative. An on-site meeting will allow us to get a clear picture of your needs and the challenges you face in regard to security. We’ll present you with a plan that includes a variety of options for hotel security staffing. In addition to the traditional security guard solution, we’ll also recommend other options such as mobile patrol and concierge desk security guards. Whichever option you select, Royal Security Solutions security guards will report for their duty on time in uniform, and ready to work

Here is a list of important security measures that every hotel should have:

  • Trained Security Guards
  • Surveillance Cameras
  • Fire Alarms
  • Emergency Manual
  • Safety Emergency Procedures
  • Keycard Locks
  • Safety Vaults

Royal Security Solutions clients include most 5 -star resorts on Phuket and many HNWI villas and estates, we consistently create new technology and systems to reach excellence day in, day out.